Touring Vancouver some more

Christopher and some giant wood

Christopher and some giant wood

Another beautiful day in the city of Vancouver, and another amazing weekend spent mostly out of doors along the paths and streets of this amazing city.

Today, we took a bus over to Kitsilano Beach and headed west from there. We really enjoyed the walk since it was something different from our usual strolls along the familiar shores of downtown. The houses, the views, the architecture and the surprising lack of smokers was amazingly refreshing.

We watched a lot of kids and families at play on the beach, and there were a LOT of cute dogs playing along the beach and walking politely with their people.

We took some video too, and Ill post that shortly. Weve been taking video whenever we can to share with friends and family in other places. Mostly to rub their noses in it show them how nice Vancouver is in the hopes theyll come and visit us once in a while. We have a borrowed video camera from work and figure that as long as we have it, we might as well take full advantage of it. Anyway, here‘s the videos. Enjoy, feel free to chip in with comments.

And this is from today: