Playing “Where’s Jeff?” in Vancouver

Playing “Where’s Jeff?” in Vancouver could be a fun game, but I don’t think enough people know me to spot me. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t have a striped red shirt and jaunty toque like some people, so that may make me harder to spot in a crowd.

Although I still have the ’70s porn star moustache thing going on so that may make it a little easier.

Today, on the last day of my vacation, I had intended to get out and do some sightseeing or touring or something but instead got several emergency emails from work and ended up going in for 3 hours. Yup. Check out the dedication! I spent the whole time I was there solving a series of problems, which in general were of my own making. But also due to a lack of foresight and testing. Sucked.

I left work at 2:30, got home, had some lunch, walked the dog, played with the dog, then headed downtown to meet Chris. Chris had to go to the doctor for his broken ass leg problem again. More drugs, more tests, more pain. Poor guy.

So I hung out at the Starbucks in Chapters for a while trying to accomplish some of my work for the day. It was loud and noisy and hot. Apparently men swarm in about 10 minutes before I got there and form a series of impromptu chess tournaments. It was kind of interesting. Some 20-somethings playing chess against what could be their grandfathers. Quite a range. Seems like speed chess since the matches didn’t last very long.

I met Chris in front of Vancouver Optical where I had perused their latest series of displays. They always have such interesting windows. I usually like their October ones best, when they get a bunch of props from horror movies made for local productions. A little gruesome, but fun!


Now I’m hanging out at the Starbucks at Helmcken and Howe across the street from the doctors office. Chris is in getting his bursitis checked and fixed, I hope. Turns out he’s not alone. Another friend also has bursitis and has been off work for quite some time because she can’t sit for that long (Hi Jessica). That’s gotta suck.

When Chris is done, I’m hoping for a long-ish but leisurely wander home. I need some downtime before we hit the couch for the night. And undoubtedly the dog will pounce on us the minute we get home.

See, that game of “Where’s Jeff?” would have totally sucked. Outside of home, I’ve been in the same 5 blocks all day.