300px-tide_logosvgI’m not a MadMan or anything, but I, like everyone, have an opinion about ads I see, slogans I hear, jingles I sing etc. So here`s the latest one.

While channel flipping tonight, I saw an ad for Tide, you know, the laundry detergent that seems to be constantly reinventing itself.

Can I digress for a second? This particular ad featured a BOX of Tide. Who uses powdered laundry detergent anymore and WHY? I learned this lesson a few years ago. Perhaps the powder is slightly cheaper, I don’t even know anymore (Chris takes care of that) but powder just sucks! Liquid people. Use the liquid. Why?

  1. Cleaner – no more spilled powder bits everywhere. Pour it into the no-mess cap.
  2. No more stupid little measuring cups
  3. Concentrated. Now 40x stronger (or something, see the ads)
  4. Most important! – No more little bits of white powder clumps attached to everything you own! Ever seen your dark clothes under black light? Yep, laundry detergent everywhere.

So, back to the ad I saw. Tide has a new slogan and if you let your mind run amok in the gutter,  you’ll understand why I giggled when I saw it. Yes, the picture actually links to the coupon.

Tide. Small box. More loads.

Tide Coupon with funny saying

The new slogan reminds me of something a pimp would say when marketing the new girl. Yeah, I had to go there for you.