Random Acts of Happiness

I “know” this guy named Nathan through his blog, Nathan Exposed. Recently, Nathan’s been having a really tough time and I feel for him. I don’t technically know Nathan, but I’ve been reading his blog for a while and we’ve traded some blog comments back and forth and I generally like him and his husband. Until recently they’ve seemed a very similar pair to Chris and I.

Rather than be “doom and gloom” on his blog, Nathan has kept it relatively positive considering what he’s written and today shared this awesome Youtube video with his readers. I think it’s brilliant. Yes, I know it was a publicity stunt done to promote a show. We had a similar show in Canada called something like “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” where they were searching for the next Maria to star in a big production of  The Sound of Music. This one in Belgium was called “The Search For Maria” it seems.

I think it’s still brilliant. Flashmob, publicity stunt – anything like this that brings a large crowd of people a lot of happiness can’t be too bad these days. Enjoy.