Of Birthdays and Cell Phones

Wednesday this week marked Chris’s 35th 26th birthday (9th time) and it led to a series of unusual events.

Here are the highlights as I see them.

  1. He posted on his blog about his life lessons this far, and in typical Chris fashion it was enlightening and very entertaining.
  2. I remembered to get him a very nice card and write something nice. That’s something I have missed a few times.
  3. Rumble ate Chris’s phone. Well, not actually “ate the phone” but nibbled on, pretty much wrecking the keypad.
  4. I went through instant contact withdrawal Thursday morning not being able to text-message Chris and hear back from him instantly.
  5. Chris bought a new Samsung Jack PDA/Cellphone. Nice phone. Chris hated it.
  6. I got Friday off but Chris had to work. Chris busted his ass getting to work (10 minutes late) since the Skytrain started running AFTER he was supposed to be there.
  7. Chris DIDN’T have to work Friday after all. So he got up at 6am for no reason.
  8. I went to meet Chris, keep him company until the mall opened so he could return his phone and we could go grocery shopping.
  9. Chris bought a cheap-ass Samsung phone with next to no features and a display only a grandmother could love. It was crap, but cheap.
  10. Chris, Rumble and I trucked back downtown and returned the cheap Samsung.
  11. Chris bought a better Samsung Gravity (That’s phone number 3) and now seems reasonably happy with it although he is still in mourning for his pretty Sony Ericsson camera (that made phone calls).
  12. I still have the same phone I’ve had for nearly 2 years. Yeah, I need to work on that.

So far that’s all. And Chris has sworn that he’s not changing his phone again anytime soon. The phone company must hate all of the changes that Chris has made. Although he’s downgraded his plan to one that suits him better, so we save some money every month. Always a good idea.

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