Greatest Invention Since Post-It Notes?

If you frequent Starbucks, or really any place that sells HOT to-go beverages, you’ve probably experienced “the geyser” as I call it.

You’ve got your $8.00 140 degree cinnamon chai tea misto latte double espresso, dressed it with raw sugar, whole milk and a sprinkle of chocolate powder, put the lid on and you’re ready to go. On the way out the door, your toe hits the kick plate and you jostle the drink a little bit, but you’ve got it under control.

Here comes “the geyser.” Just a little bit of your hot drink spurts out the drink-hole (which sounds dirty) and drops directly onto the web of your hand scalding you, pissing you off and causing you to drop said $8 .00 drink, cursing and swearing.

Well, Starbucks now has a way to prevent that. They started showing up in Vancouver late last year, and they may not be as new as I think. One exuberant barista called it “The greatest invention since Post-It Notes” which I may not entirely agree with, but they are great.

What is it called? I have no idea, but it’s basically a swizzle stick with a plug on the end. Or is it like a miniature pacifier with an extended stick? With a bit of research it seems to be called a “splash stick” and was introduced like a year ago as a result of feedback on the Starbucks social networking/customer service site called My Starbucks Idea.

I’ve got to say I LOVE these little sticks. I don’t know if they rival Post-It’s or some of the other brilliant inventions, but I do like the idea they came from an online community suggestion. I also REALLY love that they keep the rain out of my coffee as I trudge back to the office or condo with my coffee in my now-safe-from-burning hand.