What haven’t you done?

A co-worker just reminded me about a long standing anti-movie “quirk” I have and I started wondering “What haven’t you done?” about other people. Please post your list/comments in the comments (duh).

So here’s my deal. There are (at least) 3 movies on my DO NOT SEE list. Yeah, yeah, there’s lots of movies I haven’t seen and probably wouldn’t see (3 of those start with the words “High School Musical“) but I’m talking about ones taht I have a nearly pathological aversion to.

Ok, maybe not that bad, but I decided long ago that I would never see them, and have since gone out of my way to maintain that stand, however irrational it may be.

  1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. The Bodyguard

You can tell how long this has been going on. Even during my time working in video stores, video departments, managing theatres and now in this age of easy rentals and torrent downloads, I avoid those. Even if they’re free on TV.

My rationale? Simple – Just because everyone else saw them, does that mean I have to?

I’ve never bungy-jumped, tried surfing, sky-diving, group sex, mind-altering non-prescription drugs (not even pot) and never gotten so drunk I forgot the previous night. There’s more, but I’d like to hear your comments…

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