Rumble’s Day At The Park

Sunday March 1, 2009.

On the first day of March, Vancouver was both wet and sunny. Sometimes at the same time, but mostly it alternated between the two. The smell and feel of Spring was in the air and it was easy to forget the horror that was this past Winter.

Through Meetup.Com I’ve been following a small group of Schnauzer parents (never owners) who wanted to get together and let the kids play (puppy playdate). Deb, the owner of the Meetup group hadn’t been successful in getting people to visit Richmond, but one of the members, Gerson, managed to put one together and rally the troups for a gathering at David Gray Park in Burnaby.

The weather forcast wasn’t overly cooperative at first predicting 87% chance of rain. However, it turned out to be a gorgeous spring day, for Vancouver.

Chris and I bundled Rumble and headed out to Burnaby, first taking the Skytrain to Patterson Station and then (mistakenly) walking south on Patterson to (really) Rumble Street. The weather was awesome and we nearly regretted our choice of coats etc. The walk was amazing and the view south was spectacular and fairly clear (see the picture – taken by Chris).

Once we got there we had a GREAT time. The park was HUGE and nicely fenced. To top it off, there were a TON of dogs. We actually had a hard time getting Rumble into the park because he was freaking out and sniffing at the fence. He thought we were going to take him away from all the other dogs.

We finally got him inside and he went bonkers after we un-leashed him. He ran around and shoved his nose into so many unmentionable puppy-parts you wouldn’t believe it.

Chris and I spent a good bit of time talking to some of the other parents (Schnauzer parents and non-Schnauzer parents) which was nice. We met Sharon and Dave, parents of Max who is from the same breeder Rumble was adopted from. And of course I met a ton of puppies, mainly because I was wearing the cookie bag. Never underestimate the power of food.

There were mostly medium to large dogs. In fact, Rumble may have been about the smallest dog there. We saw a Wiemeraner, Beagles, Labra-doodles, Shiba Inus and of course your average-unidentifiable “generic cute dog.”

Check out the videos. Overall it was a success (except two instances when Rumble went a little mental) so we’ll definitely be going again. But we won’t be walking from the Skytrain. All 3 of us were just wrecked by the time we got home. Rumble didn’t want to get out of his bag!

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