Geeky and Cool together

I’m not a modder. Never had any aspirations to be one. A modder (in my definition and as pertains to this post) is someone who buys a perfectly good computer, or parts there-of, and proceeds to make it something truly unique and cool, at least in their eyes.

Today, it’s not too hard to put in a bit of modification. You can buy cases with clear plexi sides and a LED cable set from any computer store (including London Drugs in Vancouver) and have a basic neon glow in a couple of minutes. Or you can spend months designing, planning and fabricating an elaborate steam-punk style case for your computer. Whatever your personal style, you could design something to match it.

The folks over at have collected a set of photos of the 72 “most killingest” PC mods ever. Even if you’re not into modding, I find it very impressive to see the amount of work some people put into their computers which are unseen by anyone, 90% of the time.

Although some of the works are blatant copies of things we see on TV, in movies, or video games, others are truly inspired. The PC built into a piano case is interesting. The steam-punk and Lego ones are innovative and even the ones based on someone else’s work (Star Wars, Doom, Halo etc) are pretty creative, at least in terms of how they are executed.