FailBlog: Footloose Fail

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While I don’t recall seeing this on their site, I did find it on YouTube in their channel and thought it was hysterical.

Given the recent news about Zac Efron trying to re-make the classic Kevin Bacon film Footloose (which is a treasured film for me and many others) you wonder if this isn’t why they’ve stopped for now. I know this isn’t Zac, he’s much cuter than this guy, and better dancer, but a remake of a classic film like Footloose could end up going just as badly as this video. Have a look…

While I have no doubt Footloose will get remade at some point, much to the disappointment of those of us who remember the original, and are forced to take our kids to see the remake, I would really hope it doesn’t go as badly as some other remakes.

In the meantime, it’s easy to laugh at this douche’s bad acting, bad dancing, and inevitable fail.