Bullying victim faces jail

Thanks to Twitter and @Unmarketing for pointing out this appalling story.

Basically, a month after The huge anti-bullying rally across Canada which had thousands of people showing their support by wearing a pink shirt, we get this story.

Rob Scorcia was bullied for years and nothing ever really happened to the bully. Rob reported it to school authorities, police, parents etc and it just kept happening and escalating.

So one day Rob takes an imitation gun and threatens the guy with it. Which was dumb, but considering there was no real danger, and nothing happened beyond a verbal threat you would expect it to end there.

Instead, Rob was arrested and charged with using an imitation handgun in the commission of a robbery and now faces a year in jail for it. An automatic one year sentence. The jury in the trial didn’t believe or didn’t consider the fact that he’d been bullied for years.

It’s a mis-carriage of justice in my lay-opinion. Not that Rob was in the right, but that the bully has gotten away with years of this crap and then turns around and has Rob arrested because he finally stood up.

I’m sure there’s way more to this than I’ve read or inferred from one article, but I wanted to vent and share this with you.

The family is trying to raise money for an appeal.

And the bully?

In his second day at college this year, he got charged with sexual assault for pushing and fondling a female student and robbery after a male student was repeatedly kicked and spat on during a demand for his property.