Awesomeness On Sunday

This weekend was GORGEOUS, weather-wise. The concept of spring weather has hit Vancouver in full force and people are just loving it! So Chris and I took full advantage of it.

Yesterday, Chris and I hiked east, then south around Science World the Telus-sphere and along the south side of False Creek. We were going to go as far as the Cambie Bridge like usual, then back over into downtown, but given the absolutely phenomenal day, we kept going all the way to Granville Island and hiked around there. Then took the bus back into downtown, wandered some more, had some lunch (Taco Del Mar for the first time in years), did some `browsing`at Chapters and then made it home.

March 22, 2009 along the sea-wall.

March 22, 2009 along the sea-wall.

Today (Sunday), we took the dog with us. After some domestic chores in the morning, we kitted up the dog (harness, leash, cookies, water) and headed for the dog park at Bute and Nelson in the West End. It`s a 2.5km hike according to Google maps and Rumble just loved it. And when we got there, there were about 30 dogs. Looked like they were having a Beagle meetup like the Schnauzer meetup we went to because about half the dogs were Beagles. Rumble had a great time. One big dog handed Rumble his ass when he got a bit too familiar, which is good. Rumble needs to learn he`s not always the top dog.

Then instead of going straight home, we decided to take the scenic route and headed straight south to Sunset beach and picked up the sea-wall going toward home. The sea-wall is always interesting. People roller-blading, biking, hiking, boys holding hands with other boys, dogs playing in the ocean etc. So much to see and do.

By the time we got home, we`d gone about 8km in total. Google clocked it at 6.5, but they insisted we must have taken Pacific Boulevard which is much more direct (ie: shorter) than the sea-wall.

Now we`re all wrecked. The dog is crashed. I`m doing my blog and Chris is fighting with the computer. Nobody is moving much. Rumble actually looks a little scared we might want to play again. Poor guy.