V-Day – The married way

Today was Valentines Day and an all around good day to be a married guy in love.

It wasn’t a perfect day, or didn’t start that way, but kept getting progressively better, which is what really matters, along with getting to spend it with Chris.

We stayed home until late-ish and had a nice time hanging out on the bed with the dog and chatting. Then we decided to head downtown, do some reading at Chapters and do our part to stimulate the economy with some retail therapy. That was harder than we expected.

We headed to one of our retail meccas – Future Shop – in an effort to spend our hard earned money on shiny things that go beep and boop and show pretty pictures. Chris has been desiring after his own iPod Touch and I’m about ready for my first laptop. That’s right, I’m a laptop virgin. Oh wait, that may be misinterpretted. That’s right, I’ve never owned a laptop. Better.

We spent some time looking at the tiny little netbooks with me insisting I needed something real and devising various ways to WIFI the house, use the old computer as a fileserver and go all laptop-fu on the place. This pissed off the salespeople as they kept swarming us and we batted them away like King Kong did the planes on the Empire State Building.

We decided to hold off on the laptop (At least until tomorrow) and then headed off to get the iPod.

WRONG. They’re out of stock of all but 1 or 2 8 gigabyte ones. Seriously? WTF? OMG! The horror. Here we walked into Future Shop to drop nearly $1000 and we had to walk out empty handed. No wonder the economy is tanking.

Buddy at F.S. (not his real name) did check and tell us that we could get one at the North Vancouver store – “in a strip mall or something” he said with distain. So we headed home, walked the dog and caught the bus to North Van after calling to verify they had them in hand.

Once we got there and tracked down a salesperson (Hossein) we found out he couldn’t help us, but after leaving us in his stinky wake, he toddled off to tell someone we wanted to buy an iPod. 10 minutes later we still waited. We finally grabbed Vince who seemed like he wanted to help but he didn’t have keys. He called someone twice, and hung out with us until they came. I liked Vince. Chris thought he was too eager to apologize for his co-workers.

Vince was great, Future Shop in North Van needs to give their customer-service-head a shake. Only 1 person in the store on Saturday afternoon had keys to the iPods.

On the way home there was an adorable young couple on the SeaBus. She was pretty and he was a very handsome young man all dressed up. Nice suit jacket, shirt and tie. And blue jeans. But with nice shoes. He seemed to be very eager for a man of 16 or so and very sweet, doting on her. Problem is he set off my gaydar. No problem for me, but maybe for her. It was still very sweet to see the young lovers going out for their date.

Chris and I spent the rest of the night at home sitting next to each other watching COPS, eating junk food and playing with our iPods. 3 feet from each other but not talking.

I think the iPods may have been a bad idea. If we start emailing each other from inside our tiny little condo, I’ll know it was.

Happy V-day Christopher. I love you.