The Power of I(pod)

This morning, I arrived at work to find my workstation rebooting. I checked with our System Admin to see if he was working on it (I have been having trouble and hoped he was) but he wasn’t. Appears it was rebooting and failing for a while overnight.

So while the System Admin starting working on it (upgrading drivers to replace bad ones), I devised a strategy to let me get SOME work done. I used my iPod Touch. It’s a great little toy tool. I’ve had it for a year and never truly “used” it.

I had my work email setup in Mail but turned on. I turned that on, downloaded my messages, forwarded and replied to those that needed my attention and left the rest for when my workstation was restored.

Next, I needed an IM client. We use MSN messenger for inter-office communication when possible (cheap) and also with some (tech-savvy) clients so I needed to access that. I chose Fring because it was free and multi-functional. Within 2 minutes I was online and ready to chat with anyone. And my timing was great.

With my Touch, I could use the website to do some stuff, manage email, MSN, even access Word and Excel files if necessary. I was pretty impressed on how much actual WORK I could accomplish on my little tool.

I still miss GPS and real networking when I’m on the go that would be provided by an actual iPhone but in a year, that’s never been a “requirement.”