How was the weekend?

How was your weekend? Seriously? Tell me about your weekend, leave me a comment.

Chris and I had a good weekend. Mostly relaxing, some shopping. We bought paint for the bedroom. Turns out Chris doesn’t like the “smurf-murder blue” we picked out for the walls last year.

To be honest, it isn’t what we expected. It was a great color in the tiny little swatch, but not so much on an entire wall of the bedroom. I didn’t mind it, but it certainly wasn’t what we intended.

Today, we bussed over to the Benjamin Moore store on Broadway and Burrard and Chris picked out a bunch of colors for me to choose from. That was the deal since the smurf-murder blue was my choice.

We ended up choosing “Tiramisu” and Chris will spend the next day or so priming and painting over the blue. Hopefully it will all work out.

Chris and Rumble had a rough weekend. For some reason, Rumble plays VERY rough with Christopher. Rumble has “stomped the grapes”, scratched, bit and injured Chris in just about any possible way. Rumble seems to think he’s another puppy to play with and so yesterday Chris had to really put Rumble in his place. That didn’t go over well with Rumble.

Anyway, it seemed to work. Until this morning when Rumble tried to take out Chris’s eye. Thankfully it wasn’t anything to major.

Right now, Chris is watching the Oscars in the bedroom and I’m in the living room (blogging), not watching the Oscars and trying to learn MVC via Zend Framework tutorials that seem to crash my Apache server every time they access the DB. <sigh>

So? What did you do?

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