5 Things I’m Learning From Twitter

twitterFor a few months now I’ve been hanging out on Twitter. I use my name as a personal account (@jeffrose) and I set one up for West Coast Favors (@westcoastfavors) to help promote that company. So far it’s been “interesting” in the sense that there’s a LOT of noise in the signal.

Using tools like Twhirl, then TweetDeck and Twitterific to manage the flow of information seems to be the key. Depending on how many people you follow (get updates from) it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of the conversations.

What have I learned? Nothing overly earth-shattering YET. There are a few lessons in development still. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

  1. There’s a lot of people out there using Twitter to communicate, micro-blog and more importantly (to me) make money.
  2. You can communicate a lot of information and detail in 140 characters. You can also make a lot of mistakes in that small space.
  3. Twitter is a tool to be used. Whether for good (@livestrong), evil (Someone I’m sure), education (Mars Rover used Twitter) or just fun you can reach a broad responsive audience.
  4. Time exists more on Twitter than anywhere else. Twitter is all about the NOW. Although it has a memory (ie: search & history) people mostly care about what’s you’re doing NOW. Which is it’s founding principle.
  5. On Twitter, nobody knows if you’re a bot, or delaying, or auto-tweeting. (I am not and don’t, although I am testing delayed Tweets for West Coast Favors).

Twitter themselves don’t seem to have a money-model yet. It’s all free. There are rumors floating about changing that shortly, but in the mean time, everyone can use it, tie to to blogs, cellphones and Facebook for full coverage.

How are companies using it? Tune in another time for that answer.