rumbleathomeThis is how I choose to believe that Rumble spends his days when we have to leave him home.

99% of the time, he comes to work with me, but on very rare occasions he has to be left at home. Either because I need the mental break, or I have a bunch of errands and things to do, which he would just get in the way of.

I know from watching him on the uStream feed that Rumble DOES actually spend quite a lot of time that way. Or close to it.

Chris and I both feel guilty about leaving the little guy at home. We didn’t get a dog so that we could abandon him 8 hours a day, so these are very rare times. 3-4 hours at a stretch when we go out on the weekends, and the occasional 6 hour day when I leave him at home until Chris arrives.

You should see him go CRAZY when we come home. He really does miss us.