Superman Banana

No, this is not another gay post about Brandon Routh’s package in Superman Returns. In fact, it’s got nothing to do with gay or packages at all.

My wonderful husband, Christopher, has become an exercise junkie over the last year or so to tremendous effect. He started with running, discovered the Power 90 DVDs I never used, and now has graduated to P90x – He has a real love hate relationship with Tony Horton.

Christopher looks great. He’s lost about 70 pounds and added a fair bit of muscle. He is super motivated and I should learn from him.

One of the exercises in P90x is the Superman Banana. It’s “simple” but highly effective. You start on your stomach looking like Superman flying with your body arched and hands out. After an excruciating hold, you roll over and look like a banana, on your back with hands and feet up slightly.

It’s an interesting and effective ab/core workout.

Plus it sounds dirty.