Lunch, table for 3?

So being Saturday Chris and I made our usual pilgrimage downtown today. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the walk.

We swung by the Apple Store in Pacific Centre and I picked up a new screen protector for my iPod Touch. The last one had done a good job saving the screen from all kinds of goop but it was time for a new one.

Then it was off to Chapters for some reading. Pretty magazines.

We the attempted to eat lunch at Red Robin’s on Burrard and Thurlow, which we have done many times before without incident. No such luck today. Perky Hostess 2 gleefully took us to booth 62, dropped our menus and left. No sooner did Chris go to put his bag down than a giant cockroach scurried across the table, onto the bench and over to the wall. We didn’t scream but we did let the staff know what happened, that we were disgusted and were leaving.

Next we tried White Spot at Georgia and Seymour. No luck there, there was quite a line and a long wait.

We debated our options on the walk home. Not being adventurous with food these days limited our options and we settled on eating in at FatBurger at Dunsmuir and Beatty. Nothing “bad” happened but while we were waiting Chris was pushed to the dark side of our on going “do-we-don’t-we” debate about wanting children.

Right now we’re downloading A.I. to watch Haley Joel portray the perfect non-excreting child that we aspire to have.

Plus he can double as a Playstation 3.