Left holding the bag…

I’ll get to the bag part shortly…

Nobody seems to be quite sure what’s going on with Granville Street. The 1200 block to be specific. The City of Vancouver did a lot of work this summer. On at least 2 separate occasions they tore up the west side of the street to lay new pipes and do other work. Then they tackled the east side.

Now, for some unexplained reason, they’ve denuded the street. They’ve chopped down every tree in the 1200 block of Granville Street leaving behind 4 foot high “stumps” in most places. In at least 1 place the stump is only a foot tall.

Our best guess is that they are going to be working on the power lines that run overhead and are doing it for safety. Nobody is happy though. The street looks very open and clean(ish) right now, like some of the pictures we see from days gone by, but Vancouver loves its trees and we’re all sad to see mature trees go for no visible reason.

They’ve also removed the 2 public garbage cans from the east side of the street. There was one outside of the Two Parrots restaurant at the north end of the street and another outside 7-11 at the south. Both are gone.

So in the morning, and lunch I take Rumble for a walk around the block, and when he poops, now that there are no garbage cans, I’m “left holding the bag”.

Get it?