It may be my fault, but I still blame Telus

So I was behind on my Telus Mobility payments. Oops. My bad. We cancelled Chris’s account a while back and incurred the early cancellation fee of a few hundred bucks and we’ve been paying it down since then.

Apparently not fast enough for the Telus Mobilty. They “redirected my outbound calls” today so I had to speak to them. “redirected your outbound calls” really seems like Telus-Speak for “blocked everything you delinquent bastard” as I received NO text message or phone calls all day. I also wasn’t able to SEND text messages. Highly inconvenient and “unknown.”

According to Wayne or Bryan, the rep I talked to, they’ve made 3 attempts to reach me. They sent a text-message which I never got. They called twice (really? Never got those either) – oh wait! Telus RANDOMLY grabs a number on the account and dials it.

Both times they called my office. That explains some of those robot calls Kelli keeps getting.

Telus says they have no responsibility to change or fix this process. I get my bills, I pay my bills and they make these good faith efforts to reach me before “redirecting” my account.

Really? That’s it? I don’t believe they actually do any of that. Since twice now, I’ve had the same experience. No calls, no emails, no warnings, just “redirect.”

Slimy bastards. Anybody got a upper level contact I can use over there?

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