Doesn’t that just cheese yer potato

Today Apple released version 2.2 of their iPhone and iPod Touch software. Despite the multitude of similarities between the devices, except for features relating specifically to capabilities on the phone, they’ve been treated equally.

I don’t expect my iPod Touch to take pictures or make calls. I don’t expect the map to be as accurate as the GPS enabled phone etc. But I do expect the software to be equivalent in most cases.

Today Apple rather sneakily displayed to us (or reminded us) that they are not the same and we lesser mortals, aka iPod Touch owners, had better get used to it.

Todays 2.2 update included Google Street View and other nice add-ons to Maps. BUT only for iPhones. Yes that’s right. People with iPod Touch apparently don’t need transit maps, Street Views or the ability to email a location to anyone.

Dear Apple:
Please give me my full update. Seriously, WTF.


One thought on “Doesn’t that just cheese yer potato

  1. Don

    Yes, my potato was cheezed! I upgraded my iTouch and then searched in vain for the new Street View feature. I want it!!!

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