Braces – 24 hours later

Today I lost 2 of the “attachments” for my braces. 1 important, 1 not. Apparently it’s not all that uncommon. Sometimes the glue doesn’t hold but more often, the shear force (shearing force?) of removing the trays plays havoc on them. Some people lose attachments every time they change trays. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Otherwise today wasn’t bad. Misadventures in eating, learning how to remove the trays without breaking a nail. My boss even told me I was “more gay” today. I told her to stop teasing me about my newly acquired lisp or I’d sue her for harassment just to be able to pay for my braces. And to get her to stop. It worked.

2 thoughts on “Braces – 24 hours later

  1. Don

    I hate those anchor thangs. Food gets stuck to them and they can scrape the inside of your mouth. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Right?

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