Worst. Week. Ever. And then it got better.

Wow. I’m so glad it’s Sunday night. It means last week is over! Finally. I mean really.

Ok. Maybe it wasn’t THE worst week ever for anyone, but it’s the worst one in a while for me.

Plague & Pestilence. A box spring full of ticks. Cost: $1400 for proper disposal and a new bed. They probably saw me coming when they sold me the protective condoms (or whatever) for the mattress, but we’ll try anything to keep the pests away.

Thankfully, whatever med the dog takes fights fleas and ticks and he was unscathed.

Our tradeshow wasn’t the financial boon I was hoping it would be. Hopefully the few hundred cards we gave out and the exposure will start to pay off shortly.

On top of that, my regular job was INSANE all week.

Now the good stuff.

I got to hang out with my aunt Kathy and cousin Nancy-Anne. I haven’t seen Kathy in probably 20 years, and it’s been about 5-8 years since I saw Nancy-Anne. It was SO great to catch up with them.

Chris has been off since Thursday on vacation, so we had lots of time to reconnect after weird schedules for the last few months. He bought Lego Batman for PS2 and we’ve been having a good, cathartic time saving Gotham.

Small victories.