When did that happen?

I’m sitting here tonight (all night) working on some Baby Time Capsules for a West Coast Favors client and they are a lot of work. More than I had allowed for in the pricing.

So I start to feel tired. My eyes are droopy and unfocused, they hurt a little, and I start to think it must be getting pretty late and I’ve lost track of time.

11:11pm. WTF? Exactly when did I get so old that 11:11pm is late.

I blame the Red Bull. I used up extra energy then.

One thought on “When did that happen?

  1. Wedge

    It’s the same for many of us; I get up at 6.30, so I need to unplug and head for bed around 10pm. Staying up past 11 is a big deal when you’re working hard.

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