The wackiness of the world

I’m torn, so this will be a 2-part blog (in 1 part, but with 2-parts or something).

Part 1

So my co-worker John, Rumble and I head out for a walk. I needed to get some dog food and other things. As we near the 7-Eleven at the end of the block by work, there’s a homeless person sleeping in the empty storefront next door. Not unusual. Pile of stuff under their head. Beside their head, the ubiquitous upside-down hat for donations while they sleep.

Someone had placed a donut from Tim Horton’s in the hat. How do I know? Empty Timmy’s party box up the street. All’s well, nice snack for when they wake up.

When we return 25 minutes later, there’s 6-10 pigeons feasting on the donut! Poor person is still sound asleep.

I head back 5 minutes later to get a drink from 7-Eleven and avoid the pigeon horde (I’m no Tippy Headron) but walk through them on the way back to the office. Yes, back and forth, back and forth. In doing so, I frighten them and they scatter. Except Elmer the special needs pigeon who flies SMACK in the back of the glass bus shelter. There was a LOUD smack and I kep thinking – “Broken pigeon” but he was fine, shook it off and flew away.

Part 2

My co-worker Gavin introduced me to the Rick-roll last year and it’s been a source of entertainment ever since. Today I found a classic way to USE the Rick-roll to one’s advantage. It is NOT a Rick-roll. I promise. Don’t click the link on that page though, cuz it is.

Click here

Classic. I love it!

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