Memories of Legoland fun!

When my brother Brad and I were younger (even as adults) we LOVED Lego. We would spend hours working on elaborate layouts and buildings etc. Seldom really ‘playing’ with it like you would Matchbox cars or other toys, but really building things. Which is probably why our parents didn’t mind buying us Lego. They knew it was really buying them HOURS of uninterrupted time.

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I keep finding sites like this on the internet and really wishing that I had the space, time and money to continue to work with Lego. It’s a therapeutic creative outlet. When Brad had his car accident and couldn’t work too much, and wasn’t able to do track anymore, he spent a lot of time in the crawlspace working with the Lego. Some of that may not have been super healthy, but he got really creative.

We built a whole city (with mono-rail), a football stadium complete with office tower and shops, shopping malls, vehicles and villages, even complex office towers to surround the support beams in the crawlspace.

Anyway, fond memories of Lego today.