Make the hurting stop

I looked down at my desk and took a brief inventory.

  • Pepto bismol
  • Gas-Ex
  • Ibuprofen (generic advil)
  • Dairy digestive supplement (generic lactaid)

And I’ve used all of those in the last 24 hours. Yet another sign I’m getting old and need to find a way to make a serious change to my eating habits.

Here’s the rub! I don’t eat THAT badly. There are plenty of greens and roughage and fiber and vitamins. But there’s something in there that my stomach can’t or won’t handle.

Today has been exceptionally bad. It feels like that’s a storm in my stomach. Thunder, waves crashing that sort of thing. I had to take a walk outside to relieve the pressure. Not much fun.

Apparently I nearly killed Chris and Rumble in my sleep last night. He’s buying wine today so he can drink himself to sleep, and get a cork.

Suggestions welcome. Just don’t get too close.

One thought on “Make the hurting stop

  1. John Hardesty

    Sometimes it’s not what you’re eating, but what you’re doing. I’ve found that the best way to regulate my body is through what I eat, but also through exercise. Body control! Over your mind and body … maybe that would help?

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