Justin Chatwin and Dragonball

ComicBookMovie.com posted more pictures and information about the Dragonball movie today. I personally don’t care and don’t even KNOW what Dragonball is, per se. However, my former employee and friend Justin Chatwin is playing the lead.

You may remember Justin from such movies as The Chumscrubbers, War Of The Worlds, The Invisible and even an episode of Lost where he played an undercover law enforcement officer who Locke took in. Oops.

NEW Dragonball Pics and interview

Way back in like 1998 Justin applied to work at the Bay Theatre in Nanaimo BC. His pluck impressed he. He even sent a nice thank you card after his interview. I teased him about it a bit, but I did hire him. He was fresh-faced, cute, super friendly and personable and a VERY hard worker while he worked for me. During that time his first ever acting work came out. A TV Commercial for Telus (phone company).

Not long after he started seriously acting, and I kept seeing him on TV in Mysterious Ways and other shows. Also he got movie roles. I saw him at a Christmas party a few years ago, and he came into Casting Workbook a few times. Then he moved to LA and I haven’t seen him off the screen since.

He seems to be doing alright for himself in that he’s working. So kudos to Justin Chatwin.