Half way through summer

So it occurs to me, at the end of this long weekend, that we’re basically half way through summer. That’s it. Not terribly profound.

This was a long weekend. 3-days. Whee. Vancouver celebrated it’s gay pride yesterday (Sunday) and today most of those people were in recovery. Either from drinking and celebrating, or from sun-stroke. Possibly a few twisted ankles from ridiculously high-heels (men shouldn’t wear heels without practice).

I did go to the Pride events briefly. Yes, I’m a bad gay man. I didn’t sit and watch the parade for 3 hours. I also didn’t spend more hours shopping at the festival, nor did I go to the bear beer garden. I did go to the festival at Sunset Beach and had a good wander while 90% of the people were still at the parade.

Second booth I walked past was Entre Nous – a dating company. Guy in the booth yells “Hey mister, where to you look for love?” His standard come-on and I was alone, Chris having to work and all. I turned quickly and replied – “My husband” and smiled. He looked stunned and finally came back with “good answer.” Poor guy, hope his day got better.

Next year, I seriously want West Coast Favours to have a booth there. For that, we need 3 things to happen. 1) Money to pay for it, 2) a concept of what to show and sell since chocolate won’t hold up in the sun, 3) product to take. Parts 1 and 2 need to be done before like March so I can book it. It’s going to be a busy year.