Absolutely Shitty Customer Service!

Recently I bought 3 items from an online webstore for West Coast Favors. Not a huge order, total of about $60 in the end after taxes and shipping. 1 of those items was the reason for the whole order with the other 2 being just fun and useful, but added to justify the cost of shipping.

Guess which item I didn’t get. Yep – the one I wanted.

There was no email saying it was back ordered, no phone call, no indication on the invoice. Nothing. So I called to enquire as to the status. If it’s back ordered and just delayed, that’s fine. In the end it turns out it’s not listed any more. Out of stock, with no re-supply pending, but not discontinued. But that’s not the point.

The first rep I spoke to was asked “Do you not send emails about back orders or missing items?” Her reply was basically with 40,000 orders a day they can’t. To me that says there is a problem with the system. It should be automatic.

Here’s the kicker – she told me that sometimes email doesn’t go to Canada very well. HUH? I explained 2 basic facts to her. 1 – I deal with email and the internet all day. Emailing to Canada is no more difficult than emailing to Akron. 2 – My mail server is in Texas, not Canada. She said “I’m not going to have an argument with a client across an international border” and then she HUNG UP ON ME!

Rule 1 of customer service. NEVER HANG UP ON A CUSTOMER. There are exceptions to this rule, but I wasn’t being rude, abusive or swearing. Just pointing out the flaw in her EXCUSE. Had she just left it at “oops, sometimes we make mistakes” I would have been fine. But no. She tried to make EXCUSES.

Her supervisor was shocked and appalled, but couldn’t do anything since I didn’t get the reps name and since I hadn’t given her my order information, there was no tracking. Again, bad system.


To console myself (and acquire breakfast) I went to Starbucks. It’s my favorite Starbucks at the corner of Davie and Seymour in Vancouver. The staff there are almost all super nice, super friendly and having a good time. Ok, the lady who took my order could have been better, but I’ve never seen her before.

The barista and my 2 favorite staff were just awesome, laughing and joking. We had a good time. I recommend them in the morning. I never go later in the day so I can’t be sure what happens then.