Wednesday – Vacation Day 5

Vacation day 5 began the way day 6 & 7 will, with an early morning appointment. Today it was with my doctor for a followup to medication changes.

You’ll be happy to know that the Lipitor is doing it’s job and my cholesterols are in the normal range. Woohoo! My blood pressure is also “alright” (not great), but my blood sugars are still high. HbA1C is still high so I have to work on that. I haven’t exactly been good at my eating habits so I know I can change that.

[imdb Wanted]After that, Chris and I hung around downtown for a while including our usual haunt at Chapters, followed by Future Shop then lunch. A stroll along Robson and then it was time to see ‘Wanted’! We’ve been wanting to see this for a while. A couple of gay boys with a thing for Angelina Jolie making people die is an odd thing, but it was worth it.

Now we’re home and relaxing. After some relaxing (and Chris watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) we’ll head out with the dog and make a trip to Costco.

Someone stop the rollercoaster!