Watch of the future

I’ve been busy. That’s my only excuse for not blogging in over a week. Big business deals shaking up my world. That sort of thing. It’s all good.

Check this out!

Nail watch: The future of telling time? | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET

It’s only a concept watch right now, but the concept is pretty cool and easy. The review on Homotron suggests concerns about it popping off like other fake nails, which I can imagine.

How convenient is this though? Assuming it’s adhesive is strong, you never have to take it off, and when it’s turned off, it’s invisible. I like that. Never forget to put your watch on.

The downside is that watches are part of fashion. They’re not just useful time pieces they’re attractive status symbols. Do you have an expensive dive watch, a sport watch with heart monitor? Maybe a Rolex, Breitling or Tissot? Do you want to replace that with an invisible Timex? Probably not. But for a lot of people, it’d be convenient, plus you could check the time during that boring meeting much more discretely.