Vacation Day 3

Today was day 3 of my Vacation. Apologies to those on Facebook where I called it day 4.

Today I chose a niche to try and market to. I walked the dog 2x and we went FAR both times. I also tried teaching him to play better. He’s always gone running off after his toy and generally brought them back to somewhere nearby.

The problem came in that he either dropped them 10 feet away, anxious to get the cookie, or in the absense of cookie, he will not let go of them. Today we played for about 1/2 hour and worked on it. In the end, both with or without cookie, he came back to me and dropped the toy right in my lap (I was sitting on the floor). So the next steps are to repeat this training, but also see how he does without any cookies at all.

Poor Rumble. He doesn’t know what tomorrow brings.

And tomorrow is Canada Day, also some time later in the day my in-laws return for the evening. Whee.