Thursday – Vacation Day 6

Rumble about to get a haircutSo, day 6 is down and gone. Again, this morning we were off and running early, heading to Mestisos Pet Spa for Rumble’s grooming appointment at 10:00. Wow that was early.

Here’s a question for anybody… Why is it when you make an appointment for a doctor or hairdresser in the human world, it’s for a specific time and the professional is ready to work with you at that time and only you, BUT when you make an appointment for dog grooming, say at 10:00am, they tell you it’ll be 2-4 hours and they work on other dogs. Something wrong there.

Or am i out to lunch on my expectations here? Isn’t the point of an appointment to say “Let’s both be ready to deal with this at this time”? By the way, this has been my experience with 3 different groomers in Vancouver.

So Chris and I killed the time with a spot of ‘breakfast’, quality time at Chapters stealing reading books and a nice walk down West Broadway where we don’t spend much time. I had to keep Chris from the triple-death-corner. Death By Chocolate, Tim Hortons and a cake store whose name I don’t remember.

Ok, I wanted triple-death too, but I’m strong. Honestly. The rest of the day was a blur. I’ll post an after picture of Rumble tomorrow.