Something’s Happening At The Zoo

Over the weekend, there was a vicious brutal attack at the Vancouver Zoo. It was horrible, ugly and violent and people were shocked and appalled that such an attack would take place in a civilized place like the zoo.

Wait, no, that’s not right.

A lion ate a golden eagle. Fact. Lions are wild animals, even if we keep them in a zoo. What happens if you put food in front of a lion? Yup. NOM. Food gets eaten. That’s what happened.

Millions of years of evolution taught these lions to stalk their prey and eat it. What’s prey/food look like? Well, golden eagles for one.

I feel bad for the eagle and it’s handlers. This wasn’t a wild eagle, it was part of a wild bird show at the zoo that was roughed up and pushed around by a gang of crows (ironically, a murder of crows) and accidentally ended up in the lion pen where they set upon it. The description of the attack in the Province makes it sound like that scene in Jurassic Park where 2 of the velociraptors distract the hunter, while the third takes him down.

Anyway, this is nature. It’s what happens. Nobody should point fingers, but you can be there’ll be an American tourist with a kid who couldn’t sleep trying to find a way to sue the zoo for trauma. Yawn.