Saturday – Vacation Day 8

By comparison to the last 3 days, today was a non-event. Nothing was planned and as much as possible, that’s what I did.

[imdb vantage point]The weather also kind of sucked, so the dog and I weren’t inclined to venture out. Instead I did some work updating the WordPress software behind a few of my blogs (and Chris’s) and I watched Vantage Point. That was a mistake. For an interesting premise, they really screwed it up. I knew who was involved in the plot from the TRAILER! Chris and I both guessed. The movie confirmed it and from there it was just a matter of figuring out how they were going to explain it. I didn’t care. They mis-used both Sigourney Weaver and Forrest Whitaker. Stupid. Movie without any real redeeming qualities. But that’s my opinion.

Chris asked me to head out to Metrotown and rescue him from Fried-o and I can’t resist the opportunity to go to the mall. So I headed out for some window shopping, sight-seeing and mall-dinner. The dog wasn’t impressed. I like to people watch and judge so I occupied myself doing that. I only saw 4.5 good looking guys. Guys that made me go “hello” in my head. Well, really only 4. The .5 is for a little gay boy with his hags who got points for trying and going into La Vie En Rose with them. Poor guy.

[imdb The Ruins]When we got home we I watched The Ruins which was not that bad. I want to read the book, it sounds even better. So the story is about these kids on vacation in Mexico who hear about this Mayan pyramid in the jungle and head off to see it. Jonathan Tucker from The Black Donnellys and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men) star with a couple of girls. Anyway, turns out the locals don’t want anyone going near the ruins due to the carnivorous and sentient plant life on it. With some nasty consequences. Them Mayans ain’t playing around. Worth a watch with some great FX and scares.

The dog then insisted we take him out and that pretty much ends an evening. Ow wait, it was Saturday so if anyone asks we actually had drinks out with friends and partied until 3am. You’ll cover for us, right?