Rumble’s So Laid back

Sleepy DogAnybody who knows Rumble knows he’s pretty excitable and LOVES to play all the time.

At left is a rare picture of Rumble NOT playing. You can’t see it in this picture (because Chris wouldn’t let me show it) but Chris is in the middle of a few hundred situps just off to the left.

Chris is one of Rumble’s favorite play-toys (Along with the new squeeky duck (pack of 3 at Costco)) (can you nest comments like that?) and so the fact that Chris is laying on the floor 6 inches away, bobbing up and down and yet Rumble is ignoring him is pretty good.

It wasn’t always this way. Rumble frequently likes to “help” Chris work out, by jumping on him. Now that Rumble is nearly 2, he’s getting to be somewhat more laid back about everything we do.

Of course, in the middle of writing this, Chris said something and the dog attacked him. So much for tranquility.