Pop vs Soda – the age old debate

Internet marketer Brian Littleton tweeted this a while ago. What do you call that fizzy carbonated beverage when not by brand name. Do you want a pop? A drink of soda? Or is cola just Coke to you. Check this out:

Pop vs Soda

It’s a regional map of the United States showing what people (generally) in various counties call carbonated beverages. Like smack in the middle of blue Idaho and North Dakota (get out your atlas if you must) there are pockets of yellow. Surrounded by tons of people calling it POP, there’s a local who call it SODA.

We’re talking 80-100% of respondents in one county call it pop and the next county over the majority call it soda.

I had a co-worker, Carol, who called it soda. She grew up on the East Coast of the US where soda seems to have a foot hold. I guess it’s one factor of my Canadian upbringing that stuck. I call it pop. However I hardly ever spell words with the letter U (color, favor) unless I’m purposely trying to be Canadian. I learned good American Sesame-Street spelling. Check not Cheque.

Anyway, it’s a fascinating study. In BC there have been 2085 responses. 1894 say Pop, 86 say soda, 42 say coke and 63 have some other made up name for it. I’d love to know what those other 63 people call it?

EDIT: answered my own question. 63 people are idiots.: http://popvssoda.com:2998/stats/BC.html