Monday & Tuesday – Vacation Days 10 & 11

Wow. Time flies. I didn’t blog yesterday and now today is basically over.

[imdb wall-e]Chris came home from work last night and we literally dragged the dog out, made him poop and ran across the street to see Wall·E. I gotta tell you Wall·E rocks hard! This movie is pretty awesome. Pixar has really come a long long way in technology since they made Toy Story. Wall·E features more lighting and focus effects than you see in most standard movies, and at times it does seem gratuitous, but it’s always beautiful.

The story isn’t without it’s problems but it’s a kids show (mostly) so you let them go. There’s a lot of people on the net (and in real life I’m sure) complaining that Wall·E is insensitive to fat people. (Semi-spoiler) I don’t think it really is. None of the fat people is portrayed as evil or bad, nor are they particularly lazy per se. They have simply become accustomed to a life where all of their needs are take care of and they don’t need to move. Social commentary anyone?

So that was Monday night.

[imdb hancock]Today, after doing some household stuff (laundry bleh) and watching Peaceful Warrior of and on, we ran downtown to see the first screening of the day of Hancock. Hmm. What to say. Well, I knew the story and spoilers 2 weeks ago after reading a review on AICN, so it wasn’t any suprise what happened. Everything played out the way I expected. Jason Bateman did a pretty good job I though, considering the crap he had to work with. Will Smith was Will Smith, only drunk (mostly) and Charlize Theron was interesting. Worth the $25? Nope. Wait for NetFlix to get the DVDs and have a bunch of friends over. Save a ton of money.

Sleepy DogThen we destroyed the dog. Not literally of course. We love our Rumble-pup. However, we did drag him across the city and back in 24 degree heat (with lots of water). First we took him to the dog park in the West End and getting there is a hike. After some playtime, we carried on down Davie to Bosley’s to buy a toothbrush and look for a new carry-bag for him. I mean to carry him, not for him to carry. Then we hit Denman and went up from English Bay to Georgia so Chris could look at Running Room for some shorts and stuff. Then proceded home through Coal Harbour and then onto Pender.

The dog was wrecked. Chris insisted we carry him a bit which was probably a mistake. Rumble loved it. After a few blocks we put him down and he didn’t want to walk. Spoiled. But he did it. Then he got a bath. Boy that was fun let me tell you. Anyway, after that he slept hard for a few hours. He was pretty pooped. Poor little guy. Like most dogs, as long as we’re going, he’s going.

We rounded out the evening with another crapfest – Rambo. Don’t even get me started on this mess. IMDB says it has an average of 2.59 kills per minute. That’s more killing than story.