Michael Bay Takes on Batman

Everyone knows a Michael Bay movie. Gratuitously patriotic, lots of smoke and explosions, rugged men, strong rock and roll soundtrack etc.

Imagine if Michael Bay wrote “The Dark Knight.” Well, we’ve got the script. That’s right. The Michael Bay version of the new Batman movie.


Sure, it’s crap and faked by someone with a lot of time on their hands, but man, what a ride. Michael Bay knows action popcorn movies, there’s no doubt there.

Transformers was a riot! The dialogue was terrible and John Turturro stunk up the screen, but I haven’t had that much pure fun in a movie in a while. Regardless what you think, Bay’s around to stay. According to IMDB, he’s on a remake spree with remakes of Friday the 13th, The Birds and Nightmare on Elm Street. Thankfully he’s only producing, not directing.

Can you even begin to imagine the carnage Bay as director could inflict on those movies? Suddenly the birds are giant mechanical birds out to destroy San Diego, or he casts Djimon Hounsou as Freddy Krouger and Ben Affleck as Norman Bates. <shudder>

Bay’s a bit like Quentin Tarantino (stick with me) – he’s only directed 7 movies in his career, but has a reputation and style you would recognize a mile away.