How to wear out your dog in 5 easy steps

Rumble Sound Asleep I did it. I wore out Rumble. It’s taken me 2 years to figure out and now that I’ve done it, I thought I’d share the steps with any of you who might be in a similar situation. After following these 5 simple steps, we got home and he basically crashed right away. He didn’t even beg for cookies like he usually does.

Here we go.

  1. Wait until the temperature reaches at least 26 degrees and about 1:30pm
  2. Tell him you’re going for a walk, and since it’s about the normal time, he’ll go with you
  3. Surprise him by offering a longer than usual walk to a place he’s never been. Dog’s are curious by nature so he’ll go along
  4. Keep walking. Past all the stuff he knows, let him sniff stuff to keep his curiosity up and keep him motivated. You can use cookies here if you need to.
  5. After an hour in the sun, and a huge long walk in the scorching sun (with stops for shade and water), and a brief play in the dog park, your dog will now be “plumb tuckered” or “worn out.”

Your time and distance may need to vary. Note, this is also a good recipe for removing those unwanted pounds after 4 days of vacation and a weekend of good food (you and dog).

Seriously though – if you haven’t been to the Southside of False Creek between Science World and the Cambie Bridge lately, I highly recommend visiting. They’ve got the Seawall path open again, after months of closure and construction. The construction of the condos is not complete so it’s a little desolate on the southern edge, but the north side, along False Creek is incredible!

South East False CreekSouth East False Creek

They’ve really developed the walk along there into something nice.

  • They’ve got separate bike (paved) and pedestrian (stone) paths
  • Drinking fountains along the way (non-functional today)
  • Lots of benches along the path and even sculpture-like lawn chair contraptions in various places
  • Several “lookouts” jutting over False Creek with great views, and stairs leading down to the water (why?)
  • Nice planted areas with trees (needing more growth) and flowers and shrubs
  • A nice metal bridge over an inlet/pond area
  • Informational signage explaining the heritage and future of the area

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I have to admit, I’m worn out too, but we both feel good. Right Rumble? Rumble? Rumble? Excuse me a minute