Google and crazy stuff

In my rounds late last night, I was working through some sitemap issues (fun!) on Chris’s blog over at and noticed some crazy search terms coming from Google.

Now, there was a TON of stuff you’d expect like simple variations on his name, but there were 2 that really stood out. “Hulk wang” and “bajinas.” Excuse me? People are searching for things like that?

Well, it turns out there is rampant internet discussion in a variety of forums on the subject of Hulk wang. Mostly relating to the fate of the mild-mannered Dr. Banner’s pants during his transformation. I mean really, that big old green Hulk wang should be hanging out there for everyone to see. I want to know who sponsors his pants. I mean, Dockers could make a fortune if their flat-front khaki’s took stretching that well.

But enough about Hulk wang.

The bajinas are another thing all together. Being a gay man, Chris is phobic of feminine genital parts (me too), including the vagina. Which he refers to as bajinas (baa-jine-ahs) and he’s not alone. Again, a quick search on my old pal Google, and kaboom! Bajinas are everywhere. 9380 results tonight! Searching for ‘what are bajinas’ doesn’t yield any useful results though. Just pictures of 2 girls on vacation. Although, I did learn that Bajina Basta is a town in Serbia. I love Wikipedia, but that’s another story.

What was my point? Nothing. Just to see if this blatantly obvious attempt at gaming the search engine will produce any results.

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