Friday – Vacation Day 7

Friday July 4th – Happy Independence Day to my American compatriots. Yes, I am technically an American.

Today I went to Oakridge Mall for an orthodontic appointment. Lots of fun. Hand over a pile of cash (checks) and the slather goo in my mouth for 60 minutes. This was my first appointment to get fitted for Invisalign braces. Now I get to wait 8-12 weeks for them to arrive, and then wear them for the next 2 years. And pay for them.

Oakridge Mall/Center is different. It’s a very Asian mall (not as much as Richmond Center) and it changes the way the mall works. No I’m not being racist, just making an observation. Malls, like any business, cater to the needs of the client. I’m used to Metrotown and Pacific Center for malls. They’re very diverse. I’m sure if I went to Surrey or Coquitlam, or North Vancouver, the demographic would change.

That’s really all there was to today. It threatened rain, so the dog and I were in more than out. I made Chris and I stir-fry for dinner and that went OK until I tried to burn the place down. I turned on the wrong burner and nearly destroyed the burner covers on the stove. Then burned my fingers (they tingle) trying to get it off. That put me in a bad mood. Lacking stir-fry sauce didn’t help. Chris had to pick some up on the way home.

And he bought ice cream. But it didn’t help like ice cream should.