National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets

Last night Chris and I watched National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. Despite Chris’ faulty memory we saw this movie as our New Years Eve movie. And it isn’t any better, just cheaper, watching it this time around at home.

When we saw it at New Year’s I hadn’t seen the original, but we watched that last week and I am now up to speed on the whole deal. Not like it was hard. Nicholas Cage reprises his role as amateur treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates, and the rest of the team is along too, including Justin Bartha a the super-adorable Riley Poole.

This time, they’re after Cibola, the legendary lost city of gold. Or is it El Dorado. No wait, that’s further south. They happen upon a series of (improbable) clues following the public announcement that Ben’s great great grand-pappy helped kill Lincoln. Then Ed Harris shows up and provides more motivation. Or something. I got lost (cuz I didn’t care).

Cut to Paris, then London, then back to Washington, then to Mount Rushmore. And there, hidden behind the 4 big heads is Cibola. Turns out Rushmore is a cover-up. I can only imagine what the Crazy Horse monument is hiding.

Seriously. Riley Poole is the best thing about this movie. And if you’re a child (or parent), make sure your American History is good so you can tell where they “Hollywood” the truth. There’s a lot of inaccuracy. The movie is pretty fun in places, and Cage’s hairline stays fairly steady. I’d rate it a B-.