So I’m on vacation for another 11 days. Whee right? Wrong.

See, I’m not going away, or doing anything major with my time, which leaves me with the conundrum – what will I do all day? It’s a conundrum simply because vacation is supposed to be a time to relax (ie: do nothing) and yet I feel compelled to do something.

Part of the problem is that it’s just before Canada Day and that’s going to throw a kink into things. Also, Chris is working wierd shifts at Fido that have just changed, making it a little more difficult to do things. I’m also taking care of Rumble of course, which means my day is broken into little blocks, no more than 4-6 hours long, unless I want to spend time cleaning up.

Is it worth it? Yes. I definately needed a break, but somewhere my partial type-A personality is wrestling with my lazy-ass personality for the TV remote. I’m sure The Simpsons are on somewhere.

My plan for the next 11 days is to focus on internet marketing. 11 Days isn’t a long time, but hell, some of the folks out there have made 1000’s of dollars in that time and I’d be happy if I could make $10 in that time. It’d be nearly a record.

Build a list, market to the list, hope someone buys. But what to sell? There’s a million products out there, and I know I’ve got about 1000 of them here that I’ve downloaded over the years. Balance that with the on-going challenge of West Coast Favors and my belief in that business. I have to get busy and start working on all of it.

Tomorrow I’m not allowed to slack! I WILL TAKE ACTION!