Another Recap

The last few days have been more than a little crazy. Big software launch at work, combined with month end invoicing, payroll and delegation relating to my vacation. Whee! But it all added up to a ton of work. So of course I got sick. Sore throat started Wednesday night.

Oh! And the in-laws arrived. Great people, but it meant next to no downtime for 3 days. Yesterday was pretty cool though. We went to Grouse Mountain. I’ve only been there once before. It’s an awesome place to visit. We watched the Lumberjack Show (cute lumberjacks!) and got seriously burned. We also watched the grizzly bears frolicking in the snow. That’s right. Snow. There’s still quite a bit of it up there considering it’s the end of June.

Anyway, it was a great day, and now on day 2 of my vacation, I’m doing sweet f^#k all. Me and the dog are hanging around the house. Technically I shouldn’t be blogging, but I’m bored and the dog’s asleep.

Maybe I’ll watch a movie.