Happy or Sad?

Tomorrow is Chris’s birthday and I’ve been giving him some grief about getting older (he’s still 6 years my junior) and I kinda feel bad about it.

Age is one of those things that I’ve come to accept. I’ll be 39 this year, but don’t feel “Nearly 40” like I hear some people griping about. I’m in pretty good health, have a good amount of hair, a comfortable life etc… so why should I complain? Am I happy to be a year away from 40? Sure I am. Am I sad? Yep, that too.

We often see things about “if you remember this then you’re old” and that’s meant to make a mockery of age and poke fun at “old folks” but at some point you sit back and think “yeah, i do remember that” – like the moon landing a year after I was born. All the GOOD things that have happened during my lifetime. There’s been some bad things, but not many huge events.

I was talking to a young employee the other day and pointed out something I had done in 1980. He reminded me he wasn’t even alive then. Not a glimmer. I laughed and teased him and told him I felt old, but really, I felt happy for me, and a little sad for him. He missed out on some good times.

The music of the 80s endures like few other decades. The fashion of the 80s was mixed, and is coming around again. Surely those are signs that it wasn’t all bad.


Another for the memory books. I remember when the Pointer Sisters first released this song. However much I enjoyed it at the time, Ultra Nate just kicks ass.

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