What happens next?

So last time I blogged, I mentioned I’d bought a new HP 1730N computer. Sweet ride. It’s taken some time to get things set up the way I want. I learned a few things, bought a few new things to go with etc.

– I upgraded my internet. I went to Telus High Speed Enhanced which doubles my download speed. $10 a month extra. Why? Because I got a $150 router (2Wire) with it so I can have my home network. Plus it’s faster. Faster is good. Speed rules!

– I’ve ordered KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch) so I can use 1 keyboard, monitor and mouse with 2 systems. Why? Because I can return the monitor I bought now that I have my data transferred and save $200!

– Wide screen monitors are tricky. I was actually just reading a post this morning that reminds me that widescreen monitors tend to be at least 6% SMALLER than their regular counterparts. So if you’re buying one, go 1″ bigger than you think you want. I’m not that pleased with the widescreen HP monitor. Not only is it smaller, but its position isn’t flexible. It has a slight tilt back at the top that’s driving me crazy and can’t be changed without shimming it somehow. Why?

– Transferring files with a 2GB USB key sucks. See the point about the router above.

– Failing hard drives suck. There are certain files I can’t retrieve from the old machine. There’s some serious corruption on the C: drive blocking me from retrieving my Firefox bookmarks.

– Quicktime won’t work on Vista. At least on my machine. Which totally sucks.

– New technology won’t make your work better. I find myself still following all the same bad work-at-home habits I had before. Ignoring emails, not filing, bad organizing, procrastinating instead of working (ie: surfing the net not working) – except that now I can do it faster!

Regardless, the new computer was a good decision. Now, after a week of working out the kinks, I’ve got it settled. I can get back to working. Chris likes it too. It’s a lot faster, we can have separate logins again without major conflicts or problems, and there’s enough memory that it doesn’t slow down.

Sweet deal over all.