The End Arrived

The end of an era arrived this week. I don’t remember exactly what happened, so I won’t be able to mark the occassion appropriately in the future. Basically my 5 year old computer started to fail. The hard drive is going. Many, many errors, programs lost, partitions vanishing, then reappearing. Yep, I saw the herald and the death knell has sounded.

But what to do? Do I buy a new hard drive and simply replace the fearless old one(s)? Or do I pony up and buy myself a sweet new ride? I hemmed and hawwed. Chris and I debated the price and if we could afford to do it. In the end, we’re both geeks, both guys and both like new toys so I bought a new computer.

An HP 1730N system. By the numbers: An AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ at 2.6Ghz with 2GB of ram and 320GB hard drive. I get sweaty just typing it all out.

Now I’m faced with the monumental task of moving all of the data from my old Windows XP based system on to the swanky new Vista Home Premium edition. Not only that, but finding the installers for all the applications, downloading the cool tools I use and setting everything up.

And I’ve got work to do! Rather than piddling around with all this swapping back and forth (Right now I’m using a 2 gig USB drive to transfer the data) I should be doing some coding for a couple of sites, and I have another client about to send me a draft proposal I have to consider. The easier solution to the data transfer is to create a network with the 2 machines, but I don’t have the hardware (router, cables) for it yet.

How do you move 1000s of emails from Thunderbird over to Windows Mail? Or should I just get Thunderbird again? There’s gotta be a better way…..